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Laura Aubert is commonly known to create colorful paintings mixed with fabric textures. In her work tactility shares a leading role with visual effects, not knowing which one catches the viewer's attention the most. Her inspiration comes from the natural landscapes which feature the process of metamorphosis, through a variety of textile textures. It allows the observer to break away from traditional representation of nature, letting them create their own imaginary world as the protagonist in the narrative of the painting.


Laura’s paintings inspire the viewer to connect emotionally. She expresses something of the human vulnerability. It's about allowing all emotions to flow through love becoming a unique opportunity to really know the depths. She constructs exaggerated depictions of connected bodies whose anatomies create visual forms integrating shapes in background, opening the doors to fantasy.


The variety of textures and materials give shape to an exuberant nature that drives us to touch it, to feel the roughness of those textile backgrounds. A single piece of artwork may contain many different processes through which materials and mediums have been constructed in a variety of ways and layers. She applies acrylic paint and textures created with papers and fabrics. Her methods also include experimenting using different types of embroidery, lace, zippers, feathers and sequins to achieve her desired effect.


In her works decorativism does not trivialize, but rather constitute the subject matter, thus neutralizing prejudices against pictorial aestheticism. Through incorporating tissues Laura Aubert expands the notion of artistic by introducing elements that did not used to belong to the world of creative painting. A genuinely feminine sensitibity shows through the emphasis placed on tissues.

Another important element in Laura’s work focuses on exploring colour which comes innately for her. Moreover, it gives her an immense freedom. Her paintings are expressed in a deep understanding of value and colour balance, which she captured to depict feeling.


The titles of Laura’s Art emphasise the meaning of the painting; it is something intuitive, often creating a double meaning, or giving the work a metaphorical context. The paintings can be read between the lines, letting the spectator create their own fancied universe.


Laura is influenced by Ukiyo-e and the Japanese stamp or print. Especially Shunga and Japanism as in the Japanese Arts in the West from which artists like Gustav Klimt draw their inspiration. The lack of perspective, the freedom in composition, the use of light without shadow and especially the impossible positions of lovers’ bodies impact in her art, stimulating her creativity.

Laura studied Painting and Illustration at Llotja Art school, Barcelona. For thirteen years, she has a workshop gallery in the Gothic of Barcelona. Laura has exposed in some galleries and fairs such as kölner liste in Cologne, Garonne expose in Toulouse. She has been part of Sedart online auction. She has been selected for different awards such as VII Menarini award (Badalona Museum), Asie and Lumieres, Paris or LXX Centelles award.


Recently, Laura has illustrated a piano book collection for the Sibjo German music publisher. The book covers have been selected as one of the best covers in 2021 by the Dussmann culture store in Berlin. Her works have been published in Opcions and Biocultura magazines. Laura has also painted private murals. At the moment, she is working on a big mural painting at the main entrance of Hostelle, a female hostel in Barcelona.

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