Welcome to my website, my name is Laura Aubert. I'm a Painter and Illustrator based in Barcelona. I really love my job, so I always work with joy.

My inspiration comes from the natural landscapes which feature the process of metamorphosis, through a variety of textile textures. This allows me to break away from traditional representation of nature, letting the viewer to create their own imaginary world.


about my art

I aim to express something of the human vulnerability. It’s about allowing all emotions to flow through love becoming a unique opportunity to really know the depths. My paintings focus on the support and energy created between persons, expressed through the visual forms of their bodies and how they connect to one another.

I create colorful acrylic paintings mixed with fabric textures. In my work tactility shares a leading role with visual effects. A single piece of artwork contains many different processes through which materials and mediums have been constructed in a variety of ways and layers. My methods also include distinct papers, embroideries, zippers, feathers and sequins to achieve my desired effect. I want to underline a genuine feminine sensibility through emphasis placed on tissues.

laura aubert  bruixes de salem


let's talk!


Expose me your idea and I create a painting for you. Choose your own fabrics, the predominant color and your special request.

Tell me your own story and I will illustrate it.

my workshop laura aubert art


Laura Aubert is commonly known to create colorful paintings mixed with fabric textures. In her work tactility shares a leading role with visual effects, not knowing which one catches the viewer's attention the most. Her inspiration comes from...




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